Chicago Wireless Network Installation

If your business is feeling confined to the limited flexibility of cables and cords, go wireless with the help of VoDo Tech Inc. VoDo Tech Inc, can provide your company the mobility it needs to increase productivity and competitiveness in today's constantly moving business world. Our wireless network installation professionals have assisted thousands of clients in numerous industries in becoming wireless. With other IT companies, you might see your technician one day and never hear from him the next. VoDo Tech Inc, is unfailing in their service and reliability, thus ensuring that any work we do is satisfaction guaranteed. The best Chicago Network Support only from VoDo Tech Inc.
Users see benefits of wireless network solution:Chicago Wireless Network Installation, Chicago Wireless Network Solution

  • Free up office space that was once filled with messy wires and cables.
  • Gain the freedom and flexibility to work where, when and how you want.
  • National and global client interactions can run seamlessly because clients see the same real-time data you see.
  • Get a quick connection in the office, whether you're a PC user or laptop user.
  • Share the same printer, files, backup drives and broadband Internet connection as everyone in the office.
  • No need to train employees on new devices as existing mobile devices can be used.
  • Receive access to real-time data, enabling more efficient and informed decision-making.
  • Get dedicated customer support - we're standing by 24/7 to keep you connected from anywhere in the world.

Chicago Wireless Network Solution

Organizations see benefits of wireless network solution in Chicago

  • Notice an overall more efficient workforce as productivity rises.
  • Have more informed and productive customer meetings as data is made available in real-time.
  • See improved decision making and account management which, in turn, improves customer satisfaction.
  • Realize lifted geographical and time restrictions, providing another competitive advantage.
  • Experience a decrease of costs associated with office space and cabling.
  • Clear, direct communication and collaboration through employee/client management applications that track time sheets and automatic invoicing all online.
  • Round out your network with our VoIP assessment, design, cabling and migration services.

Security and privacy with a wireless network solution

A common question about wireless networks is: Will my information remain secure and private? The simple answer is: Yes. Our networking professionals take into account security and privacy at every turn. We follow a strict group of specifications developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for wireless networks. This ensures that your wireless networks are password protected and only accessible by you and your employees. This ensures your information will not collide with another network while traveling from origin to destination points, which would result in data loss. We also accommodate the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), a wireless authentication protocol based on I.D. keys and bit-encryption. They our great Chicago Computer Networking services.
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